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Red Desert/King Lake Re-Building Project

Look for this image on the Red Cross website to view Karen and Macca's interviewWatch the video clip interview of Karen and Macca on the Red Cross website

(Karen and Macca can be found under December 2009)

Dear All,

Merry Christmas!! As you can see things at Kinglake are definitely festive, we are very much looking forward to spending Christmas Day in the usual way with friends and family. In typical Macca and Karen style we will host our family at "The Taj" (our pet name for our donga/temporary residence), it's BYO tent and beer we can't wait.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and supporters for their love and continued support during 2009, it has been incredibly challenging and the patience and compassion you have all shown us means more than we can say. We are ready to kiss 2009 farewell and point our noses into the wind in 2010 and we have some great trips planned (stay tuned).

In the meantime we would like to wish you all a safe and jolly Christmas and a prosperous 2010 full of fabulous adventures, we hope to see you all on the road soon (or if you are in the Kinglake area we will be around until April why not drop in for a beer!!).

Much love to you all

Macca & Karen
Red Desert - Christmas

Red Desert - Christmas

Red Desert - Christmas

Bushfire Photos - The Clean Up Bushfire Photos - The Clean Up

How can you help those affected by the Bush Fires?

Join the Pajero Rural Response Group
Click here for more information


Add your details to the Trades Database
Pattersons Building are operating a trade database for residents in the Kinglake area to give them access to tradespeople who are willing to work on the mountain in the coming months, ideally they should be close enough to travel on and off the mountain to work on homes as required.

If you are interested, call Danielle on 0412 000 543 or send an email to

Bushfire Photos - The Clean Up Bushfire Photos - The Clean Up

Kacky & Macca Need a New House

Hi Kids,

We are writing you this note to get you to help us on a very important job. As you all know there have been big fires at Kinglake and we are sad to tell you that the "Tree House" has burned down. Nearly all of Auntie Kacky and Uncle Macca's things have also been burned so we are going to need some help from all of you.

Over the last week or so many of you have had questions about the fires here are some answers which we hope will make you all feel better, if you want to know anything else just ask:
  • Auntie Kacky and Uncle Macca are fine, sometimes we are a bit sad but every day we feel better and we are looking forward to building a new house and having everyone help.
  • Flozza is also fine, she doesn't have a house either so Mackie and Jam are going to bring a new one to her this weekend.
  • The Jumping Castle wasn't at our house when the fire came so it is perfect and will be ready for Christmas!!
  • The garden is all burnt too, all our trees are now black instead of green
  • Uncle Macca's truck is not burnt
  • Auntie Kacky's green car is not burnt
  • We are going to live with Lisa & Rob at their new house in Kinglake and with Auntie Lisa and Uncle Andrew in Beaumaris (guess what... they have a pool so you can come and visit for a swim!!)
  • The fires have gone now and everyone is safe
  • The outside bath will make a great herb garden for the new house it has a crack so it can't be used for a bath anymore.
  • The pizza oven fire place is OK but the oven bit is no good we will get a new one so we can make pizzas while we are building the new house
So, how can you help... here is the plan: because all of our special pictures and precious things you have made for us are all gone we need to start on a new collection. We need 2 very special pictures from you all. One should be of the Tree House as you remember it and the other should be of what you would like the new house to look like. Big kids can make lists as well as pictures if they like - we will leave it to you as to how you want to do it. When we have all the pictures we want to put them together and make a big wall hanging of the old Tree House. The pictures of what you think the new house should look like will be used to help us to design the new house and they will go into another wall hanging with photos that we take of us all working to make it happen. What do you think??

We are sorry that we haven't seen you all in a while, we have had a lot of things to do since the fire we promise to come and see you all as soon as we can. In the meantime you can call us on our mobiles or send us an email to tell us all your news and ask us any questions.

You are going to need your old clothes and your gumboots and work boots when you visit us from now on (and maybe your tent or your swag) it is going to be a very big adventure.

We love you all very much
Kacky & Macca & Floz

P.S Hang on to your pictures until we see you so they don't get squished in the post!! Perth kids maybe Mum can bring yours when she comes to see us on Monday???

P.P.S If you have your own email address now why don't you send us an email so we can save your address.

Red Desert, Kinglake Bushfire Update

Bushfire Photos - Red Desert Headquarters Bushfire Photos - Red Desert Headquarters Bushfire Photos - Red Desert Headquarters Bushfire Photos - Red Desert Headquarters
Macca and Karen of Red Desert would like their valued customers and friends to know that they have survived the bushfires which destroyed Kinglake, they were in Tasmania at the time. Unfortunately they have lost everything except their vehicles, their dog Flozza and a few sharp knives.

They are grateful and humbled by the concern and well wishes of everyone and ask that whilst they spend the next few days and weeks gathering their thoughts and attending to both personal and business rebuilding, communication be via email:
(please note: it may be a few days before you receive a reply)

At this moment this setback appears to be just that, and its business as usual at Red Desert Tours & Catering

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